3 Best Air Jordan Golf Shoes 2022

Have you ever slipped during the swing movement? Do you find it challenging to maintain your grip on the ground while hitting the ball? Do you usually experience pain in your feet after an 18-hole round of golf? Do you still struggle to get the appropriate contact when you hit the ball despite your skills and efforts? A good pair of Nike’s Air Jordan golf shoes can be the ultimate solution to all your problems for the year 2022.

Golf shoes can offer you the optimal balance, support, and traction required for an ideal shot. These shoes are designed to provide the players with comfort, reducing pain and fatigue caused by the long walks through the golf course. The unique design and materials used in these shoes enable the players to walk for 6 miles through the course without much effort and improve their shots and serves.

Without any shadow of a doubt, Nike is unrivaled when it comes to athletic shoes. Air Jordan Golf shoes are an expansion of Nike’s affiliated brand Jordan. Jordan golf shoes are equally comfortable as Jordan sneakers. They are designed especially for golfers providing them comfort and support to keep going during the four hours of the game.

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Best Air Jordan Golf Shoes 2022

1. Nike Jordan V Low Golf Mens

Nike’s Jordan V low golf shoes were released on the 30th anniversary of its original version of basketball sneakers. So this version of Jordan golf shoes is of limited edition and is much different from other typical golf shoes and can help you stand out on the golf course. It is only available in one color.

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The overall design of the Jordan V golf shoe somewhat resembles its classic version. The upper parts of the shoe are made up of nubuck and suede, giving it a tough texture and more durability. The leather is slightly water-resistant as it can tackle a few splashes. There is a rubberized mesh window on both sides of the show, making it more breathable.

A unique feature is a plastic eyelet which protects the leather from getting damaged and pulled. This adds more stability. There is a ball marker present on the laces, which is its unique feature. There are excellent stitches all over the shoe. There is a Jumpman logo on the rear side of the shoe, on the tongue, and at the outsole. The tongue has reflective material, but this does not add anything special for golfers. The same plastic mesh is also present at the end of the tongue, increasing its breathability.

It has Black midsole foam going from side to toe, which makes it easy to clean. The midsole has a red-colored teeth-like design, making it excellent in design. There is an air pocket in the heel of the mid foam, just like other air shoes providing it more softness. The translucent outsole is made of Tbu rubber, which makes it flexible and durable at the same time. There is a black plastic middle layer in the outsole, providing more traction to it.

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  • Comfortable upper body
  • Firm outsole
  • Air-Sole technology


  • Slightly heavier
  • Little too hard

If you have just started playing golf, Nike Jordan V low golf shoes would be perfect for you. It will give you more traction and firmness. This model has impressive resistance against wear and tear.

2. Nike Jordan Men’s ADG 2 Golf Shoes

Nike’s Air Jordan ADG 2 is not a traditional-looking spikeless golf shoe with extra comfort and softness. There are quite a few advancements in its leather and outsole, making it more comfortable and stable than the previous models. This version of Jordan V is available in two colors: White and Black and Blue and White.

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The upper of this shoe is made up of plush leather, making it softer than velvet and super comfortable to use. Surprisingly along with being so soft, it is also waterproof. The company provides a one-year waterproof warranty along with it. The leather has impressive performance when used on a rainy day; it still had no traces of water. It is super easy to clean. You can wipe the leather to get rid of any speck of dirt or moisture.

One of its noticeable features is its heel which has a small Jordan logo on the rear side of the shoe. The heel has an unusual fin shape which adds more style and support to the underneath heel. This fin, like the heel, is unique but stylish. This version is spikeless but has ridges on its outsole, which add fantastic grip to it. It provides excellent traction when you swing to make a shot.

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  • Incredible grip
  • Easy to clean
  • Provides amazing support


  • Makes squeaky sound

If you live in a moist area with rainy weather, Nike Jordan ADG 2 is best for you as it is waterproof and easy to clean. This model has impressive resistance against wear and tear.

3. Nike Air Jordan ADG Golf Shoe

Nike Air Jordan ADG is the First-ever spikeless golf shoe launched by Nike. These shoes are pretty stylish and comfortable. It comes along with one year warranty by the company. The company has provided users with many options as this model is available in six different colors: white cement, black cement, grey ADG gun smoke, white & purple Dort concord, and black & teal Clear jade bolt.

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The upper body is of soft leather having a sophisticated and classy design. The color pattern is quite similar to ADG 3. The elephant print is its unique feature. It is on the rear backside and also wraps halfway around the toe box, adding more style. The laces are integrated, which saves you from the hassle of tying the knot. It has a mesh tongue having the classic Jumpman logo making the shoes more breathable.

There is a zoom air unit that gives extra cushioning. The plush midsole makes the shoes more responsive so that the golfers can walk quickly through the course with less effort. The outsole is made of translucent, flexible material, making it super pliable, which helps the golfer with the swing. ADG is turf cleats. It has rubber thread-like patterns instead of spikes, giving it a sneakers-like feel. You can wear them on and off the course. If your club doesn’t allow spiked shoes inside the clubhouse, then ADG is the best for you.

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  • Splendid traction
  • Spikeless
  • Light in weight
  • Can be worn informally
  • Water resistant


  • Gets creased with time

One of the best golf shoes so far within such an affordable price range. It is the best combination of style, comfort, and performance. With such a stylish upper body, you can wear it outside the course. You don’t have to worry about switching your shoes after a game. You can wear them to lunch after the game.


Are Air Jordan golf shoes comfortable?

Nike’s Air Jordan golf shoes are one of the most comfortable golf shoes as they have air windows in their midsole. Their soles are cushioned and plush to add extra softness.

Are Air Jordan 5 golf shoes waterproof?

Air Jordan V is made of suede leather, which makes it water-resistant but is not entirely waterproof. They are only recommended for light and moist mornings, not for rainy days.

Can you remove the spikes from Jordan’s golf shoes?

Yes, Nike’s air jordans come with removable spikes as in many golf courses; they do not allow golfers to wear shoes with points as they damage the golf course so that you can remove them.

How do Air Jordan golf shoes fit?

Some Jordan air golf shoes can be narrower, but it doesn’t mean that they are very tight; size can vary by half. These models are tight to provide a perfect fit for their players, providing more stability.Are Air Jordan golf shoes true to size? Yes, Air Jordan golf shoes are true to size and are similar to any basketball shoe. You can feel free to order your standard size.


Before reading this article, it may seem unnecessary for golfers to use specially designed shoes, but as I had made it quite clear through the article, just adding a good pair of shoes with your golf wardrobe can do wonders when it comes to your performance. These shoes can not only improve your aims and shots but also can provide more comfort. They can save you from the tiring after-effects and pain which you may experience after 18-course golf. These shoes will make you stand out from your fellow golfers as they are comfortable and quite stylish.

There are many models of Air Jordans in the Market, but here I bring you the best pick for the year 2022.

  • Nike’s air ADG is the best combination of style and comfort. Due to its sneaker-like appearance, you can also wear it outside the course. You can easily style it with your formal wear.

Here I have summed up the best Nike air jordans for the year 2022, offering you comfort, style, and durability. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab yours before it’s too late.

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