About Me (Verna Blom) and GuardMyShoes.com

I am Verna Blom, married and a mother of 2 kids. I have been in the field of shoe care for the past 10 years. Mastering my expertise, I have gained extensive knowledge about the material that is used in manufacturing shoes.

I started my career as a worker and shoe quality checker in a local factory. Since then, I have been doing a part-time job in a shoe manufacturing company, and I learned a lot about shoe care from that job.

Afterward, I stepped into the world of blogging and started to spread information about shoe care and treatment, since it’s one of the most important things we invest in.

I have launched numerous projects where I have written articles on how to protect different types of shoes, and how can you prolong their life. Through my research, I have discovered various shoe treatment products that have been introduced by the companies and reviewed them.

You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram through my blog’s social media accounts.

Similarly, GuardMyShoes is my next project about which I am pretty excited, as on this blog we will be exploring new products that are potentially beneficial for you. For example, I would be talking about waterproofing sprays for shoes or suede protectors, ultimately helping you.

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