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Welcome to, a blog that is wholly dedicated to bringing forward one-step guides for shoe care. This blog will cover everything about footwear protection so that your costly shoes remain safe from damage when you are out on the read.

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Best Metatarsal Pads

Best Metatarsal Pads

Have you stopped wearing high heels because your foot palm hurts? Everyone wants to wear…

About the Author of GuardMyShoes – Verna Blom

Verna Bloom - Author of GuardMyShoes

I am Verna Blom, married and a mother of 2 kids. I have been in the field of shoe care for the past 10 years. Mastering my expertise, I have gained extensive knowledge about the material that is used in manufacturing shoes.

I started my career as a worker and shoe quality checker in a local factory. Since then, I have been doing a part-time job in a shoe manufacturing company, and I learned a lot about shoe care from that job. You can read more about me at about us page.